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Converting machines for air bubble film and PE-foam

MAX ONE™ - bag-making and sheeter machine with needles stacking

Max One

The MAX ONE machine produces various sizes and types of envelopes, bags, sheets, formats, tubulars and sleeves, starting from rolls of air bubble film and PE-foam. This All-in-One system ensures ease of use even for unskilled operators. Moreover, through its various automatic devices, a single operator can manage up to two systems simultaneously. The entire process is controlled by the main touch screen where hundreds of recipes can be saved and/or loaded. The needles are mounted on a pneumatic unit which collects and stacks envelopes or formats into bundles. Once completed, the bundles are transported to the collection conveyor. The palletizing system can stack several bundles at the same time, thus eliminating the need for operators to perform this task, a feature that is especially convenient when producing envelopes or large-dimension formats. This process is completely automatic. After pre-cutting, bags can be wound into rolls on a downstream winder. (more info)

SHEETEX™ - sheeter machine with needles staking


The SHEETEX machine is the best solution for effortless cutting of plastic materials (such as PE-foam and air bubble film) into sheets of pre-set length. Sheets (or multiple sheets) are cut and divided by self-sharpening blades which require no adjusting even when material thickness or the number of layers to be cut varies. A needle stacker collects the sheets and stacks them on a table with pivot rotation to facilitate extraction. (more info)

LAM™ - lamination machine


The LAM machine is a hot-air lamination system which laminates the entire surface of two or more rolls of plastic materials (two or three layer air bubble film, PE coated materials, LDPE and HDPE films and PE-foam) for value-added improvement of complex, final products used in various applications. Alternatively, by adding electrically-heated sealing wheels, the extremities of two rolls of bubble foil can be coupled with aluminium on the external side (like a "tube"). Such coupling may also include an additional internal material (PE-foam or other). The LAM machine is therefore recommended for plastic film lamination and/or production of complex materials specific to the reflective insulation market. (more info)

RP™ - coreless rewinder


The RP machine is a fully automatic rewinder that produces coreless, small-diameter rolls (mini-rolls, max. diameter Ø 350 mm) of plastic film (air bubble film, PE-foam, EPS, corrugated paper, etc.) Once the starting roll is inserted, the RP rewinder automatically begins producing the small diameter rolls. All the operator has to do is simply change the starting roll and replace the collecting box once it is full. The machine can also split the starting jumbo reel to produce 2 or more narrower rolls at the same time. The RP rewinder is the perfect choice for entering retail markets (hardware stores, superstores, DIY, etc.) where air bubble film rolls are not sold in standard sizes, but rather, in shorter lengths of 3 to 30 meters. Avoiding the use of an internal cardboard core is crucial in this specific market, as its cost is excessively high in relation to the end product being sold, a compelling reason to choose the RP Coreless Rewinder. (more info)

RP PLUS™ - coreless rewinder

RP Plus

In addition to producing the same short length rolls as the RP Coreless Rewinder, the RP PLUS is capable of rewinding coreless mini-rolls up to a diameter of Ø 600 mm (containing 100 meters of air bubble film). As the diameter of the roll in production grows, automatic support devices are engaged to handle the extra weight. This off-line rewinder can produce coreless rolls in standard sizes (50 and 100 meters) for increased savings of cost and space. (more info)

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